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Setting the Standard in Loss Adjusting

Effective loss adjusting does not happen by chance. From cutting-edge technology to the specialised skills of those guiding the process, a range of factors must combine to create an environment fertile for success.

With that in mind, Gordon Vater, Managing Director GB Technical, explains how Gallagher Bassett claims professionals are contributing unique levels of understanding and experience to the field of loss adjusting and reveals the technological advances that are not only helping insurers stand out from the crowd but shaping what is possible within the wider industry.

Tap into real-world experience

What is the core competency of the Loss Adjuster? It is a question often asked by procurement departments and buyers and often misunderstood.

Loss Adjusters are in the main highly qualified – often duo professionally qualified – claims experts. Skills can range from high levels of buildings knowledge – financial accountancy – special investigation and a host of other specialist experiences such as Construction and Engineering. They bring that expertise to highly complex situations and try to simplify matters for clients and their customers to resolve the situation.

Whilst the qualifications are important the real core competency of the adjuster is the site visit and dealing with often traumatised and completely confused individuals who want restoring to their pre-loss situation. It requires huge levels of empathy, exceptional communication skills and the ability to establish a level of trust quickly with all the stakeholders involved. If the adjuster cannot do that then issues will arise.

Gallagher Bassett’s Chartered Loss Adjusting business has proven over many years that the behavioural drivers balanced with the right technical skills and real world experience delivers superior outcomes for insurers, underwriters, brokers and most importantly for the customer.

This extends to hands-on experience in a number of sectors, which is invaluable for navigating the complexities of insurance claims. We want our loss adjusters to approach each claim with a nuanced understanding of the ‘real world’ as it inevitably leads to a faster claims process and more accurate assessments.

Blending technology and human insights

Like most fields, loss adjusting is reaping the benefits of technological advancements. Take drones, which are increasingly being used to evaluate damages, assess loss and gauge insurance risks in regions that were once challenging to visit or even inaccessible. Similarly, Gallagher Bassett’s GB Live has significantly expanded the industry’s scope of possibilities by using sophisticated video technology to facilitate remote, unobtrusive site visits. Traditional site visits remain essential but GB Live allows us to ensure optimal resource deployment when needed and empower immediate and well-informed decision-making. 

In one case example involving a claim in a very remote geographical location the customers expectation was a visit “sometime in the next 2 weeks” due to transportation and logistical issues. The Adjuster was able to say – “ No we can do it right now” using our GB Live technology. This Technology is far more accepted by the market as a whole and our introduction of it at First Notification of Loss is seeing superior outcomes for customers as we are able to instantly assess the damage or issues and ensure the right resource is being deployed at the right time.

Such advancements are streamlining the loss adjusting process, with GB Live just one example of how technology is helping drive swifter claims resolution. That said, the human element remains indispensable for navigating larger and more complex claims. Intuition and empathy are essential attributes for any loss adjuster and the process is at its most efficient and accurate when technology and human expertise work in tandem.

Examples of that union abound at Gallagher Bassett. All our loss adjusters have access to GB Live and Drones that are equipped with the Lidar technology to deliver 3D floor plans that mimic the experience of viewing damage in person. The result? We can accurately assess costs, provide our partners with comprehensive and easy-to-use insights and ultimately deliver a more transparent and effective process.

The benefits of outsourcing

Outsourcing loss adjusting is a proven strategy for many insurers, but it delivers far greater benefits than mere access to cutting-edge technologies. While partnering with Gallagher Bassett allows the use of advanced tools such as GB Live, it also equips insurers with expert insights to navigate loss adjusting and foster a collaborative relationship between technology and human experience. It is all about ensuring a comprehensive and nuanced approach to loss adjusting that ultimately results in more effective and empathetic resolutions for insurers and their policyholders.

We term the balance of People – Superior Process and appropriate use of Technology as our Collective Expertise and we use all of that to make the Complex Simple.

Gallagher Bassett’s team of loss adjusters have the technology and expertise that make them a trusted partner for efficient and accurate loss adjusting. 

Contact our team to see how partnering with us can help your business succeed.

Gordon Vater

Managing Director - Gallagher Bassett Technical

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