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People First, Process Second: A Winning Formula for COVID-19 Response

The 2021 Insurance Times Claims Excellence Awards were announced recently and the Gallagher Bassett UK team was awarded Claims Team of the Year – COVID Response award, specifically for their People First, Then Process strategy.

Judges commended Gallagher Bassett for how refreshing its COVID-19 response strategy was, commenting that “…since the beginning of COVID-19, they created a multi-disciplined team incorporating business interruption specialists and forensic accounts to proactively and collaboratively help their clients.”

Simon Pemberton, CEO Gallagher Bassett UK, said the entire team was proud to be recognised for their efforts in meeting the changing needs of people throughout COVID-19.

“This award recognises the tireless efforts from our Claims Consulting team for what they have been able to achieve throughout the past twelve months,” Mr Pemberton said.

“When the pandemic struck, we had to not only change the way we did business but how we helped the industry navigate an intense and challenging time. We had to provide stability and reassurance to our people. So, we made a decision to dig deeper and support our customers and people to shape new ways of working.

“We established a highly skilled team of 20 business interruption specialists, lawyers and customer care experts who would be capable of providing exceptional, empathetic support at a time when clarity on policy claiming due to COVID-19 was lacking.

“This team enabled us to deploy the right resource at the right time in the claims lifecycle, to protect and defend our client’s reputation and – most importantly – help those who needed support the most.

“We are now at a point where 70% of claims received in the first lockdown have been settled, and anticipate remaining claims will be closed in due time.

“Through our People First, Then Process strategy, we helped clients and claimants feel reassured, supported and protected.”

The 2021 winners’ ceremony was hosted virtually on Thursday 27th May by Alan Dedicoat and placed focus on those across the sector that have continued to be at the forefront of innovation and outstanding customer service, even in the face of adversity.

See the full list of winners from this year’s Insurance Times Claims Excellence Awards at this link

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Simon Pemberton


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