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Getting Ahead of Pre-Claims with Our Award-Winning Technology

In a world where emerging technologies are reshaping the insurance industry, building and maintaining the necessary IT infrastructure to support these advancements can be a costly and time-consuming investment. But without this infrastructure, how can businesses remain digitally competitive? In this article, we explore the benefits of working with a strategic partner to harness the power of best-in-class pre-claims management tools and unlock invaluable insights to accelerate your claims lifecycle.

Navigating the Evolution of Risk

Pre-claims management is an integral phase of the claims journey, particularly when it comes to risk reduction and claims exposure. The challenges are diverse, stemming from the ever-evolving nature of risks, regulatory changes, complex insurance lines and the dynamic market environment. Insurers operating in the UK must navigate a myriad of variables, from emerging technologies to shifting customer expectations. Failure to address these challenges effectively can result in increased claims exposure, higher costs, and diminished profitability. To excel in pre-claims management, insurers require innovative solutions that not only identify potential risks but also provide proactive strategies to mitigate them. This demands a combination of cutting-edge technology and expert insights, precisely what Gallagher Bassett offers to empower insurers on their journey towards pre-claims excellence.

Here are the five benefits of leveraging industry-leading pre-claims tools to drive superior outcomes for your claims portfolios:

  1. Proactive Risk Mitigation: Gallagher Bassett’s award-winning RMIS suite, Luminos, enables insurers to proactively identify and mitigate risks before they escalate. By leveraging data analytics and predictive modelling, insurers can anticipate potential challenges and take timely preventive actions, ultimately reducing the likelihood of claims and associated costs.
  2. Cost Containment: One of the defining benefits of Luminos, our claims management tool, empowers insurers to scrutinise claims data with precision. By implementing cost containment measures based on data-driven insights, insurers can effectively manage claims costs. This not only preserves profitability but also ensures fair and efficient claims settlements, improving customer satisfaction.
  3. Improved Decision-Making: By partnering with industry experts and leveraging leading technologies, insurers gain access to real-time data and actionable insights. This empowers decision-makers to make informed choices regarding claims management and risk reduction. Through our predictive analytics platform and award-winning RMIS suite, insurers can elevate decision-making, leading to better outcomes, reduced claims exposure and improved financial performance.
  4. Competitive Advantage: Insurers partnering with GB gain a significant competitive edge. By leveraging GB’s technology-driven solutions, insurers can offer more competitive insurance products in the market. Reduced claims exposure translates into lower premiums, making insurers more attractive to customers and enabling them to gain market share.
  5. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Efficient and effective claims management leads to higher customer satisfaction. Our technology solutions streamline claims processes, reducing the time and effort required for claims settlement. Insurers can provide a smoother and more transparent experience for policyholders, fostering stronger customer loyalty and trust.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of insurance, staying ahead is imperative. Gallagher Bassett’s Luminos RMIS suite not only keeps insurers at the forefront of pre-claims management but also empowers them to navigate the complex terrain of risk reduction and claims exposure with confidence. As industry leaders, we understand the challenges insurers face and offer comprehensive solutions that support your success.

Connect with our team today today to find out how you can leverage Luminos to successfully manage all applicable risk data and program-specific factors that impact your total cost of risk.

John Fearn

Chief Client Officer

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