The future of the insurance industry will be shaped by how we all respond to creating compelling, meaningful career tracks for claims professionals.

Here at Gallagher Bassett, we continue to focus on creating a work environment built on a great culture for our employees, provides the best possible training to create recruitment solutions for our clients, and an infrastructure that allows us to continue to deliver superior service to claimants.

Over the past year, we have made important changes to our workplace strategy to enhance our ability to attract and retain talent and deliver unmatched service for our clients.

First, we are making additional investments in our larger operating hubs and expanding our efforts to develop the next generation of claims professionals. These hubs will allow us to recruit and deliver training centers of excellence across the world, and be a touchstone example of our most important talent development strategies.

To support the growth of these hubs, we are expanding our team of recruiters, mentors, and technical trainers and delivering refined, industry-leading career pathways for new entrants to the industry. We’ll also be streamlining our rotational program to give new claims professionals challenging and engaging placements.

Second, like many organisations, we will continue to enable a larger portion of our team to work remotely on a permanent basis. This is the natural evolution of the progressive, flexible work philosophy we pioneered over a decade ago. Our experience in remote work has allowed us to develop the right tools, management process, and expertise to support our seasoned, high-performing claims professionals to remotely work. We know those who work remotely are often more satisfied, engaged, and motivated, and where our team has expressed a desire to continue to have this flexibility, we have empowered them with this option.

Further, this ability to confidently expand remote work options supports our goal, and the industry’s growing need, to attract and retain the best talent – regardless of where they live.

This was a natural evolution for our recruitment consulting service, which has been helping carriers across the UK access the best talent for several months now. Chief Client Officer, Pete Diskin, said carriers and TPAs alike had to leverage the opportunities of our new normal to see their core business strategy come to fruition.

“It’s important employers have a clear point of difference to their competitors and recognise their employees are whole people whose whole lives must be considered to thrive in their career,” Mr Diskin said.

“Our Recruitment Consulting Service brings that additional edge carriers need when recruiting top talent. As claims professionals ourselves, we know exactly who will be the right fit for your business strategy and help you lead by example when it comes to a unique employee value proposition.”

Looking to leverage the future of work in your business? Connect with our team of experts to find out how.

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Pete Diskin

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