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Learn How to Overcome Today’s Biggest Industry Challenges

As global trends continue to reshape the UK, insurers face an unpredictable climate, one where old challenges are amplified, while ongoing uncertainties impact resilience, business productivity, growth and expansion.

We recently sat down with Gordan Vater, Gallagher Bassett’s (GB) Technical Director, who offered invaluable insights into our core services and abilities to combat against the biggest challenges facing insurers today. 

Addressing the increasing expectations of insureds and keeping pace with industry demands 

As client demands rise, mismanagement can occur, contributing to internal frustrations, a strain on resources, decreased productivity and a lack of transparency that radiates into customer dissatisfaction. There is significant value in engaging a strategic claims management partner, like Gallagher Bassett, as we’re well-versed within the insurer marketplace and can help you increase productivity, streamline operations, bolster staff satisfaction and also improve customer experience in these turbulent times. Our approach to partnered claims solutions leverages the efficiency of our proprietary systems, people and processes to deliver a consistent, benefit-driven experience that ensures our people feel like a natural extension of the insurer’s team. 

Covering your brand bases with responsive and reliable customer service 

The level of service and expertise your clients receive reflects the performance and reputation of your business, which is why it is important to align with a TPA who has the industry know-how to identify and rectify an issue before it even arises. Our claims management professionals understand that claims experience is the fulfilment of your promise to your insureds. At every turn, our experts will seamlessly exhibit the culture, values and standards of your organisation. Commissioning a specialist team to handle segments of your claims process can also reduce risk while offering a flexible and cost-effective way to respond to peak and valley periods of demand. 

Accessing top talent exactly when you need it 

Our people are our strength, and it is our mission to deliver industry-leading claims management, so our partners are free to focus on what matters most to them. We have proven capabilities for attracting, developing, and retaining top talent in a fulfilling career in claims management. We prioritise the development of a diverse group of cross-functional experts who have the know-how and industry expertise to deliver superior claims management for our partners in the long run. 

Our claims professionals have deep technical expertise across all lines of coverage including property, motor and workers’ compensation, as well as experience with complex claims and specialised liability. 

Centralise and manage data impacting your total cost of risk 

Establishing and maintaining the IT infrastructure that supports your business is an expensive and time-consuming investment. While technology can accelerate your claims lifecycle by providing real-time data and streamlined operational efficiencies, partnering with a TPA can provide the strategic insight behind this data, to help successfully leverage superior outcomes. The right partner will personalise their use of innovative technology and analytics to fit the needs of your business and the demands of your insureds. At Gallagher Bassett, all insights produced by our analytics and decision support tools are delivered with efficiency, ensuring relevant trend led opportunities can be capitalised on. We deliver best-in-class digital experience infrastructure, benchmarking, and dashboard capabilities that support our partners with superior decision-making for strategic growth. Get access to our award-winning RMIS platform, LUMINOS – a flexible and scalable information management platform that efficiently captures and automates a wide set of data points. Our analytics tools and capabilities provide stunning clarity so you can accurately assess and control your total cost of risk.  

An outsourcing partnership with Gallagher Bassett means access to learnings gathered from years of global experience to provide leverage against your competition and a strategic pathway forward. Through loss adjusting, claims and risk consulting, property reinstatement and frontline first response solutions we have created an integrated approach that delivers superior outcomes. 

Click here to hear from Gordan Vater, GB’s Technical Director, and see how partnering with a TPA like Gallagher Bassett can help future-proof your business. 

Gordon Vater

Managing Director – GB Technical

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