The expectations of loss adjusting and site investigations have rapidly changed in recent years, and the pandemic accelerated the uptake of technology in this sector even further.

GB has worked with our Technical Adjusting team to develop and launch GB Live: video technology that enables remote, unobtrusive site visits. We spoke to Gordon Vater (GV) about what this means for the industry.

Q:         What will GB Live bring to the market?

GV:      The pandemic made us realise even more that we had to continue to deliver adjusting services and excellent customer service at their point of need, no matter where and when that is. This video technology allows us to enable remote, no-contact site visits to be undertaken and claims to be progressed despite restrictions. It means we can offer appointments in minutes rather than days, and customers aren’t put out by intrusive technology. Our unobtrusive linkage to a customer’s mobile device mean our adjusting team can fully inspect the damage, obtain video and still records, and measurements to enable correct policy liability interpretation.

Q:          Where has GB Live been rolled out?
We’ve seen immediate success in the UK and have rolled this out in New Zealand and with our Claims Consultancy division so they can undertake remote auditing of motor and property repair networks. This is helping us identify service and leakage issues for our clients across the globe.

Q:          How can GB Live support decision making?

GV:       We have trained and enabled our handlers within the loss adjusting division to deploy GB Live through intelligent triage whilst a customer is talking to us. This means we can make immediate, informed decisions on what resources should be deployed on a claim. This puts the right resource at the right time and enables us to couple this with the deep expertise of our claim adjusters.   

Q:          Does this mean the end of in-person site visits?   

GV:         It is not the panacea. Site visits will still be required on most losses but what it does enable us to do is to ensure that real value is added at every stage. GB Live gives GB Technical an additional tool to ensure we continue to deliver superior outcomes to our clients and their customers every time.

If you want to find out how GB Live can help improve claim assessment timelines for your business, connect with us today.

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Gordon Vater

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